The influence of the global economic crisis on the international investment position of European Union member states



In the last decades, the international flow of investments considerably grew. They increased dynamically until 2008, when the sudden decline occurred, being caused by the global economic crisis. It had a direct bearing on the structure and the proportions of the internal investment position of many countries. The present paper conducts the analysis of the changes in international investment position rating of European Union member states. With that purpose in mind, the statistical method of linear regression by Hellwig was used.

Piotr Siemiatkowski,, Nicolaus Copernicus University (Poland)

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  • pasbaxo says:

    Increased flow of investments could rest on price accumulation . PPP from IMF is not based on
    product weights as criterium. Whereas world population is regressing ( from 3 large milliard in 1964 to 70 small milliard recently) , growing of investments is not probable, unless investments by wild speculators are counted with it. Exhaustion of world bottom leads to earth movement calamnities. More primitive
    means like creation of electricity by means of aircompression by natural horse craft leading within a thread
    system could deliver an example of a modest solution.

  • pasbaxo says:

    The investment position of EU could be ameliorated by evitating political quarrels caused by quasi-principle
    convictions. The private sector of enterprises could not take much profit to trade efforts if politicians are waisting their time to thwart them. Production level of EU fell down considerably after EU commotion
    about Ukraine – Russia relationship, a subject not necessarily touching EU’s formal relationship with both.

  • pasbaxo says:

    The new G7 in which EU member countries are not placed on base of too small GDP results
    could change their position, if recognized as poor development and emerging markets countries to be
    congratulated by cheap loans and preferential trade conditions, organized by rich Asiatics .
    Thiis if Quantitative Easing measures existing in debtless furnishment of liquidities from their own monetary Union to governments , enterprises and consumers would not be thwarted by themselves
    by misplaced feelings of self-honour.
    Surpisingly enough directly after their appointment by IMF and World Bank as poor world participants they appeared as organizers of the recent G7 conferencence in Germany :they don’t want to leave their past welfare state of being, although their population shrinked fromoff the start point of the Euro in 2001 within14 years with about 40 %. Emigration notes could not cover this massive disappearance . EU’s capital moved outside EU borders with more than 50% to evitate taxes. This source of income to goverments disappeared in considerable degree.